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Plain & Simple.

The majority of our work is Co-Dev. With low overhead, low maintenance and low drama. We hone our craft from our happy little island on your projects without the revenue share.

Who Are The

Lost Pixels?

We are a small video game company composed of extremely experienced game developers from the video game and animation sectors; with the majority of the team having worked together for 9+ years!

A Brief History

In November 2020, when EA Mobile's Charlottetown studio closed, a group of artists and developers faced a choice: relocate or start fresh. They opted to stay on their beloved Prince Edward Island and founded their own video game company, The Lost Pixels!


The foundation of The Lost Pixel's team is built on extremely experienced game artists, the most experienced of which have worked in the industry for two decades! We want Prince Edward Island's game industry to stay healthy and thrive!

TLP are an integral and trusted part of our team, working through all phases of development to deliver new features to our millions of users around the world.

Sketchbook inc.
Boss Man, Founder

Tyler Noiles

Tyler is no stranger to the ebb and flow of the games industry. 

A 15+ year veteran, Tyler has picked up many skills, from frontline artist to senior art director & studio head for one of the biggest video game companies on the planet.  

He’s been a creative stakeholder on huge intellectual properties like Star Wars, The Simpsons and Southpark;  for companies like Lucasfilm, EA, Sega, Microsoft, Marvel, Disney and Nickelodeon bringing their brands to a range of video game platforms from console to mobile.

Art Director, Founder

Jason Condon

Jason has been in the games and animation industries for over two decades. Telling stories and visually solving problems are at the center of his career. He is an award winning animator who has animated beloved characters such as Homer Simpson, Barbie, Tony the Tiger, Grover, Bernie Mack, a Frog that taught kids bathroom etiquette and countless others.

Jason’s superpower is managing project scope without sacrificing quality.

Technical Artist

John Sollows

John started as a 3D Generalist. As project and team needs changed, he shifted focus to different disciplines. Some days he modeled, some days he rigged and animated. Many days he spent tinkering in game engines, making things go boom. This pattern eventually established him as a Technical Artist, which he remains to this day.

His main strength is his can-do attitude. His main weakness other strength is the need to align placemats, coasters, and other stationery, after noticing that they are slightly crooked. attention to detail.

Game Artist

Ian Bourgault

Ian has education in architecture, illustration, graphic design and traditional 2D animation. He has worked in many fields such as printing, publishing, television and web, for companies small & large. Ian originally moved to the Maritimes starting with Halifax to work in the animation industry. He ended up moving to Charlottetown to do art for mobile games. He’s been in the industry for over 15 years and would be considered a generalist. Lately Ian has been expanding his knowledge toolkit to 3D and Unreal 5.

He mainly loves backgrounds and prop designs and is passionate about societal and architectural history. This is a hobby that translates well to his obsessive love for theme parks and roller-coasters.

Ian hates tangents. The visual kind.

His strengths are environment art and drinking milkshakes. His weakness is not drinking enough milkshakes.

Concept Artist

Rob Curbishley

Rob Curbishley’s game career started when he was hired by a little studio called Other Ocean. But Other Ocean could not contain him, and he soon found himself working at gaming behemoth EA. There, he helped add to the world of Simpsons : Tapped Out, a Star Wars game no one has played, and a handful of other projects. 

Always be practicing. That’s his motto and it can be heard echoing the halls of the studio he once called home. Now he is employed by The Lost Pixels where his creativity and strengths know no bounds. What does the future hold? When asked what his weaknesses are, Rob simply laughed and said “What weakness?” and teleported away.


Jordan Wilson

Before The Lost Pixels, Jordan worked 6 years in the industry at EA Mobile as an Animator and Character Artist, with experience in both 2D and 3D Animation. She is a fan of both birds and anime.. And especially anime birds.

Her main strength is being flexible in the workplace. Her biggest weakness, turned superpower during covid times, is her tendency to hide at home.

Graphic Designer

Alix Miller

Alix became a Pixel in 2022 as a Junior Graphic Designer. Prior to The Lost Pixels, she studied at Holland College and worked on creating brand identities and marketing materials at an advertising studio. Alix has always been drawn to creative projects, such as comic books and video games, so she was was thrilled to take the opportunity to work at The Lost Pixels!

In her free time she works on her illustrative skills and plays horror games in her cozy, pink room.

As she continues to grow in her career, Alix is eager to take on new challenges and further develop her skills. Although her enthusiasm can sometimes lead her to splurge on Hello Kitty merchandise… Her dedication to her craft and her drive to constantly improve are among her greatest strengths.

Senior Software Engineer

Ben Sinnamon

Ben wants to live in a world where all the placemats and coasters are slightly off center.

As a Senior Engineer, Ben’s been applauded for his work on games for IP’s such as The Simpsons & Star Wars. When Ben’s not writing super performant code, you can find him canoeing, playing with his dog, or enjoying various anime’s.

Software Engineer

Hesham Hamshary

Hesham joined The Lost Pixels in 2022 as a Junior Engineer. Prior to The Lost Pixels, Hesham was a student at the University of PEI where he majored in computer science. He currently lives in Charlottetown with his Korg keyboard. When he’s not keeping busy with coding and music you can find him on his way to Toronto.

Game Artist

Juan Ramirez

Juan joined The Lost Pixels in the summer of 2022 as a Junior Game Artist while enrolled in graphic design studies. Before expanding his skills into graphic design, Juan worked as a Textile Designer for years and has experience in the creative field. When he’s not busy studying graphic design or working, you can catch him crackin’ jokes, and using his photoshop skills for evil.

3D Artist

Justin Buchanan

When Justin is not expanding his horizons about game art, optimization, and tech art, He’s playing games. Among his favourite games are Destiny 2 and Pokémon. Aside from games, Justin is always on the hunt for the best chocolate milkshake. So far, the best he’s found has been from the Dairy Royal on the western part of the island. His girlfriend thinks he’s obsessed with seals, especially when they stick their tongues out or bounce along the ground.
UI/UX Designer

Jon Beals

Jon’s a Senior UI Designer with over a decade of experience in the game industry.

His journey has taken him to some of the most renowned game development companies, including EA, Kabam, and Hyper Hippo Interactive. During his tenure at these companies, Jon has contributed to several high-profile projects, including Marvel: Contest of Champions, Transformers: Forged to Fight, NBA Live Mobile, and The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

When Jon’s not designing, building, or playing games he can be found enjoying island life with his family.

Design Director

Michael Donovan

Michael started his career in the video games industry as a quest designer in the pre-WoW era of MMORPGs. In the 20+ year journey that followed, he spelunked the Caverns of XBLA, fought on all sides of the Nintendo/Sega Handheld Crusades, spearheaded great armies of Springfielders and waged Star Wars for the glory of App-el and Goog-el.

After venturing through the Idle Lands, he found a great many of his former soldiers-in-arms at the Lost Pixels, joined their hardy crew as Design Director, and set out with them on a quest to conquer all new challenges and adventures.

Michael's strengths include an eye for distilling challenges down to their basic components, a strong belief in support-based management, and a foolhardy willingness to taste any hot sauce at least once. However, he is inherently vulnerable to the lure of collection mechanics and suffers double critical damage from all janky tutorials.


Software Engineer